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STONETRUST is committed to partnering with you to help provide the safest workplace possible.
Our goal is to assist you with identifying your hazardous exposures and work with you to help reduce and
minimize the potential for accident frequency and severity. By doing this, we believe we can help you build a
strong safety environment for your business and ultimately help you improve your overall profitability.
Our Loss Prevention Department consists of seasoned professional safety consultants with many years of
workers’ compensation and industry specific experience. We also offer workplace safety resources that are
easily available to you on our website These services and resources are
available to you at no additional cost and are included as part of your policy with Stonetrust.

Our professional team of Loss Prevention Consultants can evaluate your work site and operational procedures for
potential accident hazards and design a plan to help minimize your overall risk exposure. Consultant visits are
scheduled based on annual written premium, anticipated frequency and severity issues or at a policyholder’s request.

Stonetrust Loss Prevention Consultants will assist you in building a formal written safety program that is specific
to your needs. Our consultants will also offer you assistance with conducting and/or developing safety meetings
tailored to your employees.

You will have 24-hour access to an extensive list of safety training courses (available in English and/or Spanish)
that can be taken on-line, anytime and anywhere by your employees.

You will also have 24-hour access to a list of our DVD Safety Videos, which are great for group settings and can be
requested for a period of up to two weeks.

We have available 18" x 24" high quality industry specific safety posters available upon request.

Sample Safety Program literature, Safety Tips and Checklists (OSHA requirements/forms, Safety guidelines and much more),
Quick and easy access to PowerPoint safety training and Employment Policies such as drug testing policies,
medical questionnaires, return-to-work policies, facility inspection guidelines and many other “sample” employment
policy materials are available 24-hours a day.

To learn more about our Loss Prevention Department and the many services that we can provide for you, please
contact us at 800.311.0997 Ext. 2121 or email the Loss Prevention Department.