July 6, 2022


We are very pleased to share with you our 2022 Annual Report, which showcases the many accomplishments the company achieved throughout 2021!

Stonetrust continues to perform exceptionally well, and we are looking forward to the opportunities created by our new A- rating. Our vision is to be the premier or “First Choice” workers’ compensation carrier for all our agents and policyholders. Although the current market environment remains extremely competitive, we have built a solid reputation as a financially strong company that is easy to work with and committed to outperforming our peers. Because of the talented team that we have assembled at Stonetrust and the support that we receive from all of you, our expectation is that we will achieve another strong result in 2022!

This year’s Annual Report also includes a tribute to long-time Stonetrust employee Glen Grigsby, who led the company’s marketing and underwriting efforts for many years. Glen contributed significantly to the formation, establishment, and growth of Stonetrust. His passion and legacy have endured, and his commitment to making Stonetrust the best workers’ compensation insurance company around continues to serve as the inspirational vision for the company’s future.

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