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Safety Operations

Stonetrust recognizes that workplace safety reduces the chances of accidents occurring, which can impact your workplace efficiency and profitability. Our Safety Operations Consultants work to assist you with reducing workplace injuries and lowering your workers’ compensation costs by analyzing your losses, as well as the safety hazards of your workplace and appropriate controls.

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Stonetrust is pleased to provide its policyholders with access to Stonetrust Safety Connection—a comprehensive web-based/mobile-ready portal designed to enhance workplace safety, training, and risk control programs with 24/7 on-demand access to important information.

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Please contact your Safety Operations Consultant by email or call (800) 311-0997, Extension 1020.

Safety Operations Consulting & Training

Our professional, in-house team of safety consultants has decades of experience identifying and minimizing hazardous exposures to reduce accident frequency and severity. We offer on-site consultations and training, virtual safety assessments, and online training courses to equip you with everything you need to keep your operations running safely.

Contact our Safety Operations team at (800) 311-0997 or for more information.


Safety Programs

Stonetrust Safety Operations Consultants will assist you in building a formal written safety program specific to your needs and will also offer assistance with conducting and/or developing safety meetings tailored to your operations.

Safety Posters

Posters promoting workplace safety are available to Stonetrust policyholders. Click below to view and request safety posters today.

State & Federal Posting Requirements

Stonetrust provides state & federal posting requirements for all of our service areas so that you have easy access to what needs to be viewable by all employees in a conspicuous place.

Got a Safety-Related Question?

Stonetrust provides on-demand access to our team of seasoned safety professionals.