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Need to access information on your policies, claims, documents, payments or account? It’s all at your fingertips in our Policyholder Portal.


Need Policyholder Portal help?

If you need help navigating the portal, download our Portal Guide for simple instructions. If you need to create a Policyholder Portal account, please email service@stonetrustinsurance.com and include the contact’s full name, policy number and email address.

If you do not have a portal account but would like to make a one-time payment, please access our Quick Payment Form.

Reporting Payroll

Have questions about how your payroll affects your workers’ compensation premium? Use this information to determine what items will be included or excluded during our calculation.

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Calculating Premium

Curious about how your premium is calculated? Use this information to learn more about the three criteria that we use to determine your premium: your payroll, your type of business or business classification, and your experience modifier (if you qualify for one).

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Premium Audits

The premium audit process is designed to ensure you pay only the premiums that you owe and to provide valuable data on your business operations. Use this information to learn more about what to expect from an audit.

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