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Unveiling the Stonetrust Difference: Fast, Reliable, and Easy Every Time!

Since 1993, our commitment to reliability has led us on an incredible journey with our agents and policyholders. Our dedication to building and fostering these relationships is at the core of who we are, so when they spoke up…we listened.

They expressed their prior frustrations with other workers’ compensation companies and the hurdles they have faced over the years. From fancy gimmicks and unclear incentives, to going round and round with underwriters, it has become clear that some companies simply drop the ball all too frequently.

As we listened carefully to the feedback from our customers and partners, a vision began to emerge. The complicated interaction and slow response times of other companies reminded us of a Rube Goldberg machine, a contraption intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an overly complicated way. This comparison seemed to capture the complexity and additional steps required of agents and policyholders by other insurance companies as part of their workers’ compensation underwriting process. 

Please take a moment to watch our version of the Rube Goldberg machine. To us, it illustrates how other workers’ compensation companies have complicated processes and unreliable service.  Stonetrust provides a better way – always available and responsive, delivering personalized service every time.

Stonetrust Insurance Announces Donation Funds and Donations in Honor of Cancer Survivors

Stonetrust Commercial Insurance Company has announced two cancer research and treatment donation funds, as well as company donations in honor of two members of the Stonetrust team. The company recently hosted a luncheon in their Baton Rouge office to celebrate cancer survivors in the Stonetrust family and kick off their fundraising efforts for these leading nonprofits. 

Stonetrust has donated $5,000 to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center (in honor of employee Lydia Acosta) and $5,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (in honor of Dawson Bunch, son of employee David Bunch). 

“We wanted to honor these Stonetrust team members and their families, and celebrate their courage,” said Stonetrust President and CEO Mike Dileo. “It presents an opportunity for us to learn more and understand the challenges that accompany cancer survivorship. It’s also a great reminder of the immense strength, courage, and resilience of these individuals and their families,” Dileo said.

Dileo emphasized that while the Stonetrust family celebrates the triumphs of Lydia and Dawson, the company is acknowledging the importance of cancer prevention and continued research towards further advances in cancer treatment.

“We encourage everyone to join us by donating individually as well. Lydia and Dawson each have a unique story that brings hope to others,” Dileo said.



Financial Services Review Honors Stonetrust’s Francis Chou

Stonetrust Owner, Francis Chou, founder of Chou Associates Management Inc. recently received the award for Top Canada Investment Firm 2022.

The flagship Chou Associate Funds boasts a long-running and consistent track record since their inception in 1986 as the best-performing equity fund in Canada, says the Financial Services Review.  

Read more about Chou’s investment strategy by reading the article below.

Stonetrust Owner Francis Chou Featured In The Globe And Mail

Stonetrust’s owner, Francis Chou, was recently interviewed by The Globe and Mail about his award-winning successes within volatile financial markets.

Chou spoke with the publication about his investment strategy and his outlook for the future. The full feature article delves into Chou’s opinions on bonds vs equities, as well as his philosophy on stock valuation.


Stonetrust Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company will begin writing workers’ compensation coverage in Iowa and Georgia effective October 1st, 2022. This announcement follows the Baton Rouge based company’s recent Financial Strength Rating (FSR) upgrade to A- Excellent by AM Best. We look forward to growing our “First Choice” brand in both new states!

For information about establishing an agency partnership with Stonetrust in Iowa or Georgia, please contact us.


We are very pleased to share with you our 2022 Annual Report, which showcases the many accomplishments the company achieved throughout 2021!

Stonetrust continues to perform exceptionally well, and we are looking forward to the opportunities created by our new A- rating. Our vision is to be the premier or “First Choice” workers’ compensation carrier for all our agents and policyholders. Although the current market environment remains extremely competitive, we have built a solid reputation as a financially strong company that is easy to work with and committed to outperforming our peers. Because of the talented team that we have assembled at Stonetrust and the support that we receive from all of you, our expectation is that we will achieve another strong result in 2022!

This year’s Annual Report also includes a tribute to long-time Stonetrust employee Glen Grigsby, who led the company’s marketing and underwriting efforts for many years. Glen contributed significantly to the formation, establishment, and growth of Stonetrust. His passion and legacy have endured, and his commitment to making Stonetrust the best workers’ compensation insurance company around continues to serve as the inspirational vision for the company’s future.


We are happy to announce our recent ratings increase, which is a testament to our hard work and commitment to our agents and policyholders.

A.M. Best published a full press release, which credited Stonetrust’s balance sheet strength, operating performance, limited business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management (ERM) as having impact on the ratings upgrade.

Upon receiving the news, Stonetrust President and CEO Michael G. Dileo shared a message of gratitude with agency partners and employees alike: “Although it has been quite a journey, we knew with your extraordinary commitment and loyalty that we would eventually achieve this goal. We appreciate your support and the trust that you have given us through the years. This is a benchmark milestone for our company and an accomplishment that we humbly share with all of you. Thank you for your commitment to our success. We believe the best is yet to come!”


Stonetrust Workers’ Compensation President and CEO Michael G. Dileo announced today that the company is now writing workers’ compensation coverage in Kansas and Alabama effective January 1, 2022.

“I’m excited to announce that we’re now offering workers’ compensation coverage and services in Kansas and Alabama as part of our evolving plans for regional expansion,” said Dileo. “Our focus is to continue providing great service to our loyal agents, their policyholders and their injured employees. We are also currently working on plans to enter Iowa and Georgia by the end of 2022.”

Stonetrust is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is now operating in ten states including Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Missouri, and Tennessee in addition to Kansas and Alabama.

Stonetrust specializes in statutory workers’ compensation insurance for employers large and small, with a concentration in healthcare, construction, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and other service-related businesses.


In an effort to continue meeting the needs of our policyholders and agency partners, Stonetrust has unveiled a new user portal powered by Insurity. The new platform will streamline the user experience by providing easy, convenient access to key information for policyholders and agents alike. Policyholders will be able to access policy and claims documentation, as well as manage payments and account information. For agents, the portal provides visibility into policy applications, quotes and overall books of business, as well as access to reporting tools.

BusinessWire published a full press release that details the extent of the software implementation and the impact it will have on Stonetrust’s operations.